Somrak interiors

Crested Butte, CO

Our vision, mission and background at Somrak Interiors:

  • High quality of building
  • Attention to detail
  • Use of natural materials whenever possible
  • Client usability and function
  • Listen to Client needs and be able to precisely execute
  • Create warm, relaxing spaces

Interior design has become an integral part of Somrak Concept + Structure, Inc., a design-build studio in the high mountains of Colorado. Founded in 2007 primarily focused on construction and building, we are rapidly expanding to include all phases of the design-build scope, catering to high-end residential projects but also experienced in the commercial and spec. home markets. The company structure allows a close relationship with everyone involved in the project because we all work together on a daily basis.

We tend towards the use of natural materials wherever possible and creating a feeling of inviting the outdoors in with expansive windows/views and carefully considered exterior living areas. We encourage the use of large timbers and timber trusses as well as natural stone to be the anchor of a home. We like to incorporate steel elements into a home as well and tend towards softer color palettes that can provide an end-goal of balancing the masculine-feminine aspects of the home. When both come together in perfect symmetry, they can transform an environment into a space that instills a deep sense of calm and harmony for our Clients – a true mountain “escape” if you will, from the chaos of work and life.

Each Client has their own unique sense of style, preferences and budget and we love making the whole design process fun! We pride ourselves on being proactive listeners, efficient task managers and good communicators. The design process is such a collaborative venture and we strive to create fresh, timeless spaces that reflect each individual Client’s personality.


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