Frequently Asked Questions

Our years of experience and expertise allow you to know what to expect up-front. 

Very common question, the easiest answer is: location and talent. Think of Crested Butte as it’s own little island just as Hawaii is. A little paradise that is difficult to get to, which means all of the materials and supplies have a long travel to get here. We also have very amazing (many times quite overqualified) subcontractors and employees who chose to ditch their old normal and high end professional lifestyles and move to Crested Butte to mix in a great life in with their trade. You’ll find all of our carpenters and subs to be much more than your ‘run of the mill’ typical tradesman you get in larger cities and labor pools. Everyone is an artist at their craft and gets paid accordingly. All of our subs and employees are trained, legal, local, and talented craftsmen, all highly dedicated to their final product.

Simple answer would be: more than other places. Our projects range from about $250 per square foot to a little bit more than $500 a square foot – although of course the sky is the limit. The difference is all found in the quality of the home, its finishes, its complexity, and very importantly, the site conditions. We base our cost per square prices foot off of the ENTIRE square footage of the home that is under cover/roof. That includes garages, covered decks, and living space. This is important to consider when designing a home. A 3000 square foot home with a 400 square foot covered patio and 750 square foot two-car garage that will cost $300 per square foot is calculated to be 3,000+400+750= 4,150x$300 = $1,245,000 total build cost.

Absolutely. We enjoy cooking off of our own recipe more than anything. This way, our pencils and computers solve all of the questions and issues far before they are an expensive problem in the field. We design efficiencies into our jobs and know your budgetary goals up front while we are drawing – not the other way around, which is many times a project killer when the design gets put in place before a budget is even discussed. While we are open to and have built many projects and designs by outside sources, we simply do prefer to build our own designs.

Yes, many times we will work hand in hand with the chosen architect to help design our proven efficiencies into the job. We also like to be involved from day one if possible. If not, we will certainly take a set of finalized plans and make them a beautiful reality. We have a handful of select architects that we like working with and are happy to recommend, should our design sector not quite meet your goals or be the path you wish to choose.

We do. A mixed staff of office, designers, metal workers, excavators, and carpenters comprise our carefully crafted a team – Crew23 – to represent us in high regard and create incredible projects. Our employees are the best paid in the valley, we offer a matching 401K plan to them, and we are currently working on group healthcare insurance so that we can take care of our amazing team. Our employees are the lifeblood of the business and no matter whom you deal with; you will be greeted by a positive and fun attitude.

Depending on timing, we will typically have 3-8 projects going at one time. We have dedicated Project Managers that are focused in on each project to keep the quality and dedication in-line with the high expectations we carry as a company. While this amount of projects would drown most firms, our team of office staff and Project Managers effectively keep things afloat.

First, we want to meet you to discuss your goals and ideas.  This is best done on your property that you are considering building on or remodeling.  We have three contracts that get you to the finish line: Design, Pre-Construction, and Build.  Once the design contract is signed, we conceptualize your project and after that is complete we work on the pre-construction services to gather bids and estimates.  Based off of the numbers we gather during this process, we take this proposed budget and incorporate it into the actual build contract that gets us going on the fun part – the actual construction!

Big-time, in most cases! The slope of a property will mean everything to the design, engineering, and construction of the home. Many times people will buy into a steep property because it is less money up-front. Don’t be fooled though, you will usually save all of that money you spent on the flat lot up front in the excavation and foundation phases.