Somrak now to offer Interior Design Services

Ben and Kate both felt that the natural progression of their design-build business would be to expand offerings to include interior design. “It was a no-brainer to start offering something that naturally fit into our already existing business model.” said Kate. Ben chimed in, stating that “the driving force was our commitment to vertical integration in Crested Butte’s rapidly expanding and overloaded building climate. This gives us more control over the finished product and ensures efficiency from start to finish.”

“Ben’s experience working on the jobsite has given him a unique knowledge of the execution and implementation of design ideas in real life settings.” said Kate. “His creativity and infectious excitement for the work is truly the heart and soul of the company; so I just knew this was something that would be an immense benefit for our clients.”

Heather Seekatz started working with Somrak Concept + Structure in 2016 as an administrative assistant. As the idea began brewing to begin formally offering interior design services, Heather’s background in interior design made her an obvious choice to lead the way. Heather graduated with a BFA from Savannah College of Art and Design. “Getting to know clients preferences and design style and putting it all together to create a space that they absolutely love – and, ultimately, love living in is what it’s all about,” said Heather. In referencing her thoughts on the design-build model and why she likes working with Somrak, she said “there’s a natural collaboration that occurs on a project where you have all aspects in direct coordination with each other and working under one umbrella. It results in a cohesive creativity and ultimately a smooth building process and unparalleled finished product.”

“We really feel that we are filling a niche in the Crested Butte building industry by providing a streamlined approach to design-build” Ben said in closing. “There are many small victories that equate to massive success when communications between the client, designer and builder happen in collaboration with eachother throughout the course of the project.”

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