Telescopic Forklift

Heavy materials slowing your roll? Back hurting? Ready to do things efficiently? Our Gradall G6-42P AKA “Boom #23” should be called in for the win! Our large and in charge (26,500 LBS) telescopic forklift can help with all of your heavy duty needs around the job site, ranging all the way from general material handling, lifting heavy walls, installing large windows, timber work, steel erection, to helping high personnel access safely with our job site man basket.  Our rear-wheel-steer lift is equipped with 4 wheel drive, a locking rear differential, chains, and all the guts and glory to get around your job site and work hard for you no matter the time of year.  Boom #23 can reach 42’ away and lift 6,000 LBS (always consult the OSHA lift chart in cab for the accurate lifting curves), helping you move the job along. Commit to longer usage timeframes for better rates and savings!  Inquire early with us about this lift, as we are often using it at one of our own job sites, so scheduling can be more difficult with Boom #23 due to increased demand.


  • $350 average mobilization cost via Heavy-Haul each way (close mobilizations can be billed on a case-by-case basis)
  • $1,250/ Week
  • $3,500/ Month
  • $6,000/ Two months ($1,000 savings – commitment required for this deal)
  • $9,000/ Three months ($1,500 savings – commitment required for this deal)
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