Lighten Up!

Lighting is such an integral part of the overall home design! We have loved seeing the spaces we design evolve into something entirely new and magnificent through the use of carefully curated lighting!

In our modern, technology driven, chaotic world it has become essential that hOMe is a place we retreat for relaxation, the ability to recharge and let the worries of the day, week, month go by. One tried and true way of ensuring this happens, is through lighting design!

My favorite way to create warmth in a room is through indirect lighting. And, lucky enough for us, through the design-build process we have a ton of opportunity to introduce carefully designed indirect lighting in all areas of a home. Β Think under the counter, behind a mirror, toe-kick, or up-lighting a wall, for examples. It really has an extraordinary ability to create a soothing ambiance – the feeling of being wrapped in a warm blanket with a cup of coffee on a Sunday morning – type ambiance πŸ˜‰ and we need that sense of calm in our lives now more than ever.Β 

There are β€œthree prongs” of lighting to think through when finalizing your lighting plan.

Ambient Lighting which can also be referred to as mood lighting because the light allows your pupils to dilate slightly and is a subconscious signal for your brain to Β relax. Β Types of light fixtures that create ambient light are chandeliers, pendants, recessed and track lighting. Β 

Task lighting is more of a concentrated light. Β It is meant to help you see when you’re doing tasks or projects that need finer light. Β Task lighting helps naturally stimulate your brain by becoming more alert and concentrated. Β Types of light fixtures that create task light are swing arm lamps, under cabinet lighting, vanity lighting and pendants. Β 

Accent lighting is a way of adding style and drama to your home. Β It helps illuminate certain pieces you want to display while shadowing dull areas. Β Accent lighting creates a very sophisticated atmosphere! Β Types of light recommended to create accent lights are mono-points, recessed and track lighting. Β 

All in all, the point here is that we’ve learned just how important lighting is to the overall vision so don’t be β€œshady” when choosing fixtures and lighting up your home. Your subconscious will thank you ten times over, year after year for giving it the extra comfort it’s so in need of in our crazy world right now. Price tags can seem a bit overwhelming and unnecessary but nothing makes a design come together better than making a statement with quality lights that are good for the soul! Β After all, there is No place like home and that’s what we want our Clients to feel!



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